Tuesday, April 4

I am such a slacker – the weeks just keep racing by and I never seem to get to blog.



Well, it didn’t get off to a great start, what with the non existent induction training, and total brain overload caused by a week of intense (mostly useless) technical training. And when I was eventually (forced, against my better judgement) on the phones on day 8 of working, I was buddied with a person who yelled at me, and gesticulated wildly at things on the computer screen while I was attempting to talk to a customer. Sigh. It didn’t end well. I felt like I was set up to fail, and that is what happened.


While I and the small group of other new starters were having belated induction training, the head honcho of the entire business line dropped in to see how we were going. So we told him. He was not happy, which reassured me somewhat that not all the managers were complete twits. And I have to say that the expectations and training were drastically altered so we could learn at our own pace and practice skills. Hopefully things will change for the next group of new starters. We’ll see.

As part of the probation and performance requirements, I had to achieve 95% accuracy and maintain it for 2 weeks. This little requirement had been freaking me out, but I have (miraculously!) managed to achieve this already, which has been a great confidence boost. Now I just have to work on the other requirements like, playing well with others and stuff. I think I’ll be OK.


Did I mention that I have been on a diet? I can’t remember. Anyway, I have lost 13 kilos so far. I have never, ever, ever managed to lose weight on purpose in my entire life. Mainly because I am not fond of the exercise. So I have made a big effort to walk on a regular basis. When I first started, I could only walk for 15 minutes and I would get killer cramps down my legs because I was so unfit. The last bit of hill to get back to the house used to just about kill me, and little old ladies used to overtake me. But now I can do 30 minutes easily, and no leg cramps, so my fitness is much improved. I draw the line at walking though, I have no desire to do any other exercise.

I have also managed to eliminate (mostly) sugar, and have drastically reduced fatty foods. Actually, since I started work in January, I have been buying Lean Cuisines instead of cooking anything, both for the convenience and low fat levels. I do have a fondness at the moment for hot cross buns, so I don’t know what I’m going to do once easter is over.

And the best bit is, of course, The Clothes I Can Now Fit In!

I tried on a pair of size 16 jeans, with not much hope that they would fit me, but they were the only size left. And they fit! But they did make my bum look big so I didn’t buy them, and instead got some straight leg jeans which were a lot more flattering.

I’m trying not to buy too many things yet, because I still want to lose 10 or so more kilos.

I have forgotten how to find my pictures on Picasa, so I will try and upload some pictures later in the week. I bought Robbi Ecklow’s book – which is excellent, by the way. Lots of great information and ideas on dyeing, quilting, design – and I started making one of her designs so I could try some different techniques. I’ve started quilting it already, which as you know is my favourite part of the quilting process.

I want to try some of her still life ideas next, so I am on the lookout for unusual shaped vases and cups and things.


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