Thursday, January 12

old quilts

I was looking in the linen cupboard the other day, and I found some quilts that I made a couple of years ago. I still like this one, even though the quilting is a bit ordinary to me these days. I've been using it to pull over my legs when it is a bit cool in the mornings - most nights a sheet is enough but occassionally it is a little bit cool at 4 am. I think I used a thin poly batting, so it isn't very warm.

But I think I like the back more now - I used to piece backs for quilts, mostly to cut down on the cost of buying meters of fabric to make them. These days I prefer to not piece backs for a couple of reasons - the extra seams can add bulk/lumps for one, and it is a little more difficult to keep everything on grain (so it hangs flat - V V important to the Quilt Police, oops, I mean Quilt Judges).

The strippy bits were left over from the piecing of the star, and I added in a couple of what I then considered to be "dogs". Who knew that I would now be pining for a bit of that Ice Cream Cone Fabric? I know that there isn't any left - probably not in the entire world. oh well.....

I've started the quilting on this one - I'm finding it pretty slow going because I am doing a lot of colour changes (although I just quilt with one colour until the bobbin runs out and then switch to another colour to stop it from getting too boring). I am matching the thread colour to the fabric and basically doing little texture things that will be noticeable up close, but won't be so visible from a distance. The blocks are so busy that any fancy stuff would be - and I quote Karen K Stone herself here - "lipstick on a pig".

Meanwhile, I have a constant battle to keep The Management off my seat and out of sewing space. It is a losing battle, every day.

BTW - does anyone else have a cat that hates being brushed? These two H.A.T.E. being brushed, but they have so much loose hair in their coats it is flying around in clumps on the floor and I swear I have enough to make a whole 'nother cat. I bought a thingy that looks exactly like a fish scaler and it is excellent for getting the loose hair out of their coats, but I have to rassle with them every time I try it. They are not easily "persuaded", to say the least.

Monday, January 9

I got it!

I got the job I wanted!

I had the interview last week, and I can never gauge how I've done in an interview. Maybe OK, but then I go over every little thing and think I didn't really answer things well.

Originally, the starting date for this job was supposed to be today, so I was expecting to hear by last Friday on whether or not I was sucessful. I didn't hear anything, so I have spent the whole weekend moping around and beating myself up for passing on the other (not as well paid, private sector) job. And it was all for nothing!

Turns out they moved the starting date back to the 23rd (there are about 10-12 new starters, so they have a whole induction schedule set out).

So, if you are unlucky enough to have a C*ntrelink debt, you can expect me to call you to discuss your repayment options!

Finished, well almost finished.

I've finished all my blocks. I was on a gruelling 3-blocks-a-day regime at the end, because the end was in sight and I wanted to get to the quilting. And with each block taking me about 3 hours to finish, that's a whole heap of sitting in front of the sewing machine. Luckily I have nothing better to do with my time at the moment!

Here's the finished top:

I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out - I managed to use some of the "dogs" from my fabric collection. You know the ones - the odd fabrics that don't fit in with anything else. And I have some doozies that I dragged out of storage. Like the skull and crossbones fabric that I had for a pirate quilt I made for Nick a few years ago. Where else would I be able to use that?

Look what I found for the back:

This bee-yoo-ti-full fabric was in the cheap bin at Spotlight, can you believe that? I love it - the colours aren't quite as accurate in the photo, but what's not to like about hot pink background with red circles and orange middles? Apparently I am in the minority, because there were about 6 or 7 bolts of this lovely in the cheap bin. I helped out as much as I could and bought 6 metres (I only really needed 4 for the quilt back), but for $6 a metre, I'll take a few extra metres home.

I'm a bit stuck on how to quilt this - there aren't really any close ups of the quilting for Cinco de Mayo in the book. I hate that! I don't know whether to go with an all over pattern or if I should custom quilt each block (or even sections of blocks).