Sunday, December 18

Finished! I've just finished the binding on this and only have to sew down the hanging sleeve and I'm done. And much as I like the front of this quilt, I'm equally fond of how the back has turned out. I think I'll use some more plain fabrics for backing - the quilting patterns are interesting on their own.

It's Christmas! I'm sure you know what that means, yes, that's right - it's time for the cats to destroy the Christmas tree again. Actually, if I'd had my way, I don't think I would have even bothered with the tree. Afterall, I still have 3 santas sitting on top of the TV from last year, so no one can accuse me of not making any effort to get into the festive spirit. But, I was outvoted and the tree was assembled. Firstly, the tree needed to be inspected by our snoopervisors to see if it was suitable:

Yep!! This one is still good!

In other news, I have been busy looking for a job over the past few weeks, and managed to actually get one last week. Not my dream job, but it will do while I am finishing off my degree in the next two years or so.

And now my problem - I need to buy work clothes. Business/corporate suitable outfits. All the shops are full of gypsy skirts and spaghetti strap* tops! And nothing else! What is up with that? Seriously, there is a lack of any suitable skirts, blouses, trousers and shoes. I managed to find 1 skirt last week (to wear to the interview) and can't find anything else. If this continues, I will have to *gulp* resort to sewing clothes for myself. I do not want to do this. It is a pain in the arse.

*These are extremely unflattering the majority of the population (myself included). I am sick of seeing bra straps everywhere - I am praying that this misguided fashion trend will end soon.


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