Friday, October 7


In lieu of actual quilting activity (which I intend to rectify asap), I have been crazy busy with uni. Hopefully, the worst of it is over now. In the past 2 weeks I have:

o Written a 3300 word human resource management intervention for a case study
o Prepared and presented (on my own – yikes!) a 15 minute session on the importance of work/life balance strategies for human resource managers in organisations
o Presented (with a group – not so bad) the final strategic analysis for a company that we have been working on all semester.

So, I’m knackered.

The first essay was due last Tuesday, during the lecture which was supposed to start at 8am. I get there on time, no lecturer. I wait for a while, along with other students, no lecturer. I go an get some breakfast, come back to the room, no lecturer. We thought she may have been delayed in traffic, since it was a foggy morning and the traffic was bad. Eventually, someone went to the admin (on the other side of the campus, and not open before 9) and we found out she was sick. So the good news is – I don’t have to sit through a 2-hour lecture, and I will have plenty of time to work on the unfinished presentation that is due at 2 pm. Bad news – I had to hike over to the admin to hand in the essay. Spent the rest of the morning in the library, having panic attacks about being unprepared and having to present on my own. (I was originally working in a pair with another girl, but she dumped me to work with another person who I hate, umm I mean I don’t get on with at all. How high school is that?)

So, the presentation. It went ok. I hate doing public speaking of any sort, and it is especially bad when you feel unprepared to start with. I felt a bit better once I saw a few of the other groups work though, I had done enough work and included enough info.

The group presentation – this is a big project and we have had to present bits of information every couple of weeks during the semester, ending with this final strategic analysis. Also have to do a big report, but that’s not due for a while, and there are 4 of us to work on it, so it shouldn’t be too bad. And we managed to get a decent mark for the presentation, even though we were madly panicking once we saw what the other groups were doing, because it wasn’t what we had done. So, much adlibbing and adjusting was done as we went. Oh, and we were last, so practically everyone except the lecturer had buggered off by that stage. Which was fine by me.

I live down the street from a little cemetery, and when we see a backhoe making it’s way up the hill, it’s usually a sign that there will be a funeral at the church over the road that day. (I have been caught out in the front yard in my slippers as the funeral cortege makes its way up the street. I felt so disrespectful.) But this week is different. Energex are doing some cabling thing, which apparently involves lots of backhoes with dirt going up and down the street, and this:

Looks like they’re going to dig up the driveway. It is very noisy, and I hope they give us some warning if we aren’t going to be able to get in or out for a while. Luckily, we had the air-conditioning on, so the noise was not as bad as it could have been.

So, exams are looming. I know this because the Jacarandas are blooming. I will try and get a pic, they are the most gorgeous tree and I love them. This is what I should be reading – assorted texts on organisational psychology, HRM, strategic management and various journal articles.

But I’m not. I’m going to read this instead:

I have been waiting for 3 years for this book, and I cannot wait to really get stuck in. I will, however, restrain myself from re-reading the previous 4 (or is it 5? too lazy to go and check)novels in the series. If you like Diana Gabaldon, I know you will understand. (And I'm going to eat those lollies on my desk as well!)

I do have a quilt to work on - I am doing the quilting for my friend Margaret's blue and white pinwheel. Or I will be very soon.

PS - i've turned on the word verification thingy for comments because of the spam comments.