Sunday, August 7

Things I Love and other crankiness

Begin Crankiness:

Well, the finished quilt has been delivered. First there was a mixup with how much money I was owed, with her having misunderstood a phone conversation earlier in the year. She thought the amount I stated was the total price, including the amount she had already paid me. But the question she actually asked me was how much extra would the quilt would cost. And I don't think she realises how expensive quilts are, particularly large, custom made ones. Grrrrr. Because I think that what she got for her money was a bargain, and I did her a favour in only charging her that much. And apparently, the quilt is not as she "imagined it".

And then....

She sent me a "thankyou" note. A very backhanded one. I don't know why she bothered, I really don't.

Let me repeat - I Will Never Make a Custom Quilt Again. Ever.

End Crankiness.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I am going to the Ricky Tims seminars in Brisbane. I’m a bit unexcited about it now. But I have paid good money, so I will be going. I’m driving into the city and parking, because the thought of catching public transport fills me with terror. And then I have to find the hotel, but I think I know where it is so that will be OK. I haven’t been into the CBD for yonks. Anyone been to a RT seminar? I’m sure it will be interesting.

Things I Love. As of today.


I have planted a vine at every house I lived in over the past 10 years, and usually end up moving just as they are providing a decent crop. We planted a vine when we moved here a year ago, there is one passionfruit on it so far. I cannot bring myself to pay 68 cents each for them at the supermarket.

My new Canon Pixma printer.

The on button is on the corner of it, it's so cool!!! What else could you want? Oh, yeah, it prints good too.

Red Geraniums

The one I have is the result of a cutting. It is as tough as old boots, can tolerate the dry weather and flowers all year round.

Rose scented geraniums.

Not much to look at, but the scent is divine! BTW, this is the plant they use for rose scents in a lot of perfumes.

My fingernails.

I can grow long fingernails very easily, and don’t understand why other people can’t. I think it is a matter of willpower! Most of the time I just cut them short, because I am too lazy to keep up the nail polish/manicure routine.

My recliner lounge chairs.

Blue and White china.

All of my china is blue and white – different patterns and styles, but all blue and white.

My microwave/convection oven.

I only use the microwave bit to defrost stuff, and the convection bit is great for baking.

Siamese cats.

We are going to the Ekka next week, and there is a cat breed display there. I have told my sister that I will try very hard to not buy a Siamese cat. I was only half joking. Really.

Stationery shops

Hardware shops

Listening to Praise You by Fatboy Slim while driving.

Sheepskin slippers

(no, that does not make me a Bogan!)

D’oyleys with crinoline ladies on them.


  • I agree. Never do commissions. Nothing but headaches and heartaches. Once I read that Michael James never does them I figured I didn't have to either.

    By Blogger Mrs. Mel, at 10:57 PM  

  • I have passionfruit in my yard. It turns my backyard into a private secluded getaway, as the vines go all around the carport. Okay, more like a jungle. I thought they were so rare and wonderful, I let them grow over the herbs. They have really pretty flowers. We usually have frost and the fruit dies off before it can be eaten. Last year, I got a couple though. Lt it ripen inside.

    By Blogger Shelina, at 12:32 PM  

  • I have sewn garments all my adult life. I would never make clothes for other people, except my own immediate family. People expect you to "whip something up". It's hard for them to understand and respect the skill and the time committment to creating from cloth. Somehow, cloth is too humble.

    I was wondering why your sewing machine was not on your gratitude list. Mine is most days. I have a Viking Designer II without the embroidery stuff. I'm not tempted by that at all. But, I am totally in love with the sensor foot. The Viking doesn't have a manual presser foot lifter. It drops when you start to sew and when you stop, it lifts. Isn't that clever?

    Carla Cape Neddick, Maine, USA

    By Blogger stitchkid, at 1:56 PM  

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