Sunday, August 21


I had to take my machine back for repair - the problem was not mechanical, it was one of the micro processors. Cost me $80! I hate how sewing machine mechanics (at least every one that I have encountered) treats me like I am a complete idiot and know nothing about my machine. I left my machine with explicit details of what was wrong with it and instructions for that to be repaired. Later that night the actual mechanic man rang me and suggested that the machine needed a service as well. I informed him it had been serviced recently and it didn't need a service, only the repair that I asked for. Swizzer. When I got the machine home, I found that he has adjusted the little metal arm that senses when the bobbin is fully wound has been moved in so that it stops winding bobbins when they are about half full. I'm cranky. Very Cranky.

McTavishing - I bought this book a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a chance to try it out before now. I watched the DVD last night and then had a practice:

1st go - haven't really got the hang of it yet, but I think it will come. The thing with all over patterns is that you have to learn them - know how to navigate in and out of tight spots and how to travel from one space to another. I think my sections need to be longer and wavier and it will look better. I think the book is aimed more at long arm quilters, although there is a bit on domestic machine methods. And there is a doorbell ringing all the way through the DVD - very annoying!

So then I tried some free form feathers - there are so many ways to do these. I have been drawing these over and over again on the back of my lecture notes when I get bored in lectures (frequently!). I like Caryl Bryer-Fallerts feathers, and I found them easier to do without to much practice. I still have to work out how to get around corners and when to make each feather longer or shorter. And did you notice the micro stippling?

These ones are based on the Ricky Tims method that I saw on his DVD - you have to backtrack over the spine of the feather, which I am not so good at yet.

Those are my favourite scissors - I have had them for about 13 years now and the point on the blade is rounded off from wear, which means the points don't catch on fabric when you are cutting. They are not so gold as they used to be either. I lost them for a while last year and couldn't find them anywhere. When I moved house they magically reappeared from the depths of my recliner chair, where the removalist found them when they had to open the chair to get it out a door. I'm much more careful with them now.


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