Friday, August 26

I am an avid reader of blogs. Lots of them. Mrs Mel’s blog was the first blog I ever encountered – I followed the link from her website. And I was amazed and intrigued and fascinated that she would share her life and experiences with anyone who cared to read. I think I read all the archives in one sitting. Then I went on to explore and discover lots of other blogs on many different topics – not just quilting, but knitting and lots of other topics.

Somehow I found blogs written by women who were experiencing infertility, adjusting to new babies, going through difficult pregnancies, or going through various adoption procedures.

I have not experienced infertility myself, but I have had friends who have had problems. So I follow the experiences of these amazing women, mostly lurking and rarely commenting, but always hoping that they are able to have the families that they want whether it is through IVF (which I know now way too much about BTW) or international adoption or foster care/adoption.

Recently, I was reading Julie’s blog and she was asked to give some advice to a young mother-to-be. (I won’t repeat too much of it here – you can read about it on Julie’s and Rebekah’s blogs if you are interested). Anyway, Julie’s readers were very keen to help out this young mother and baby and wanted to donate baby goods, money etc. Julie decided that she would make a quilt and sell tickets for $5 each to raise some much needed cash for soon-to-be-born Emily Lynne and her mum. When I read of this I wanted to help too. I was a young, single mother myself. And it was scary enough when I had a full time job and a relatively easy pregnancy (except for the unpredictable blood pressure that had me hospitalised for 3 weeks before the boy was born) and a healthy, full term baby. I cannot imagine having to cope with an early birth and the possibility of a baby that will spend time in NICU as well. So I have offered, and Julie has accepted, to make another quilt for the prize drawing.

I have decided to make a quilt from a pattern that I have had for a few years now – Tumbling Teds by The Chook Shed. They make great easy patterns that can be changed and adapted to whatever you want.

Here’s one that I made earlier! I changed the country colours to brights, seeing as that is my preferred colour scheme these days. (I sold this quilt a couple of years ago, and I didn’t think I had a photo, so I was happy to find this one.) The background is burgundy, not black.

And here is another quilt that I made as a gift for a friends grandchild. I used the country colours for this one.

So I was mad keen to get started on this project. I have chosen a purple background and brights to make this quilt – gender neutral, so there is very little pink.

For some reason I have no orange fabrics left. I’ll have to remedy that immediately.

Here are some of the blocks completed. I have to finish the appliqué on the stars, and then I will do the bears. The pattern for the bears is great because you can “pose” them how you want.


  • That is SO cute made up in the brights! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    By Anonymous Julie, at 1:02 AM  

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