Thursday, June 30


God, I'm slack.

I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time doing not very much and before I know it the day is over. And I have the flu, which makes my brain really fuzzy around the edges.

Everything is just blah.....

But, I have been working on my Australiana quilt, in a desperate attempt to finish it and get it out of my hair. If you ever hear of me doing another commissioned quilt, stop me. I am not enjoying it one little bit. I have pieced some setting corners for the big medallion of gum leaves, and I have decided to not applique anything else for the top. I have ordered some wattle, flannel flower and a grevillea print to finish it off, so I am waiting for that to arrive. Who wants to bet that the parcel man will show up with it tomorrow morning? It will be the third morning in a row he's been to this house if it does. (Monday am, my prize from the Sydney quilt show - 10 metres of fabric and a quilt batt, and this morning my quilts came back). I will endeavour to be out of my Monkey Moods PJ's this time!

Back to the Australiana quilt - the person it is being made for is a very impatient type apparently, and has been nagging our friend-in-common about when it will be done. She knows nothing about quilts and doesn't get that you can't just whip one up instantly. Well, you could, but it will not be a king sized, appliqued monster. I've changed a lot of what I was going to do, and it should go together quite easily now. (See, I'm trying to convince myself that I will enjoy it. )

Still Life with Cats:

Honestly, I spend most of my day shuffling cats off my seat to another seat, and before I can sit down the other one has replaced the original one. It's a plot.

The other thing I have been playing with is Electric Quilt, trying to work out a quilt (or 2) for this years show. This is one idea I am toying with right now - the circles will be paper pieced, I lurve paper piecing! It is sooo easy!! And accurate!!

I have, like, 30 versions of this quilt so far. This one is my favourite so far, but that might change by tomorrow.

Monday, June 20

To Do

Exams are finished!! Yay!!

Now I can get stuck in to more enjoyable activities. I did a heap of dyeing on Saturday, and got some good results. I used up all of the dye I had, so I’m going to order some new colours this afternoon. Which means I’ll have to buy some more fabric. I also did some overdying of pieces I wasn’t thrilled with, and they came out really interesting, so I’ll do some more of that too.

I have 4 weeks off before the next semester starts, so I have a lot to cram in. I think I’ll start making lists of things to do, otherwise I will waste the time away watching Dr Phil and Oprah. And playing Sonic the Hedgehog, which I am very, very good at by the way. I love Sonic.

Here’s my list for today:

Go to Woolworths and return the chocolate roll cake that was mouldy when I opened the packet. I know it only cost $2.18, but it’s the principle.

Buy some other food and stuff.

Buy AA batteries for the TV remote.

Go and see if I can find fabric with Australian wildflowers on it for the Australiana quilt border.

Order fabric dyes – I hate mail order, there is nowhere in Brisbane that sells dyes retail. Don’t they know I am all about Instant Gratification??

Pay the electricity bill before they cut the power off and I freeze to death in the sudden cold snap we are currently experiencing.

Ditto for the house insurance. I just have to find the bill for it first.

I think that will do me for today.

I got a phone call last night informing me that I have won a prize at the Sydney quilt show for Hexaholic. I don’t know what I have won (they don’t tell you in advance, they just try to lure you to the opening) so I will find that out on Wednesday. I hope. I wonder if they’ll call me again and tell me or if I have to wait until they post it to me? It might be on their web site, I suppose. The suspense.

OK – gotta go, the supermarket awaits!