Sunday, May 1

Happy birthday

I’m not really into birthdays. I don’t mind celebrating other peoples birthdays, but I’m not really into celebrating my own for long and convoluted reasons that I won’t bore you with here.

Anyway, today’s my birthday.

I don’t expect much and I am never disappointed.

Nicholas came upstairs this morning and wished me a happy birthday – voluntarily and without any reminders. It’s a first for him. So that was nice, and I appreciated it.

And then he tells me he wants to make me a birthday cake, because he didn’t buy me a present and he wanted to make up for it. Lucky I was sitting down when he said that. Nicholas is not renowned for his sensitivity to other’s feelings. Off he went to find a recipe, and he chose a complicated caramel mud cake. It looked nice, but I thought it was probably a little beyond his limited baking skills. Plus I would have had to buy ingredients to make it. So I steered him to the Women’s Weekly Quick Mix Cake Book, and told him to pick something from there instead. Much easier – measure the ingredients, chuck it all in a bowl and mix. Never fail cakes. He made a chocolate cake, and it was lovely.

My sister went of to the markets at the crack of dawn, and returned with her bargains at about 10. She gave me 2 punnets of pansies, which are already flowering. I’ll plant them out tomorrow. And she found a little petit point embroidery of a Dutch windmill scene – the stitches are miniscule. I haven’t got a picture of it yet – I’ll try tomorrow with natural light. Plus a gorgeous beaded bracelet.

My friend Margaret rang me at about 5 pm to wish me a happy birthday – she had made me a birthday cake and been ringing me all afternoon. I was sitting here and the phone never rang once – but it was dropped this morning, so I think it may be a little bit broken. Anyway, she raced over with the cake (ironically, a coconut cake) and I showed her my pressies – she loved the picture and the pansies, and gushed over my pretty bracelet, which she tried on to see how it looked on her. Nicholas gave her some of the cake he had made, and then she had to race home again for dinner.

A little while later, I’m sitting and thinking I’ll put my bracelet on again. Except it is not on my desk where I had it all day. Margaret “forgot” to take it off and wore it home. Hmmmm……. if I didn’t know better, I’d think she was a bracelet snitcher instead of forgetful. I’ll get it back on Thursday. If she remembers.


No quilting being done or contemplated. I took my sewing machine in for a service and repair. Even though I haven’t used it for weeks, as soon as it was not available to me I was itching to sew something.

I’ve started doing some smocking for a friend of a friend. Apparently, because I have made a silk dupion dress with a full smocked bodice I am an Expert in the field. I took pity and agreed to complete the dress – it is all prepared for sewing, and the pleating has been done by someone else. The pleats are a little bubbly, silk seems to do this when it is pleated. I know I can't pleat it any better, so I am not undoing it. I can smock for where the pleats should be, and when it is finished it will be fine. So we (me and Francois) are doing the smocking as a joint effort, and it won’t take long to make up. The thread is silk too – I love smocking with this thread, it is strong, and slides through the fabric so easily. And it's shiny. There will be bullion roses down the panels, and a few little beads to make it sparkle. The roses will be pale apricot. I know I will be cursing this dress before I am finished, and I will swear to never make another. Until the next time.

All in all, a pleasant birthday.


  • It's still quite early in the day on your birthday here in the western USA...so Happy Birthday!

    By Blogger Nikki, at 2:03 AM  

  • Happy Birthday, Blog Sister! Wishing you all that you need on your special day and more!

    By Blogger Karoda, at 5:53 AM  

  • and happy birthday for yesterday!

    By Blogger Caitlin, at 10:28 PM  

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