Thursday, May 26


Finally finished this dress - it took me four days to finish the embroidery, and I don't want to see another bullion rose for a while. The dress looks OK, but the silk dupion seems to be of dubious quality - I know the slubs are part of the fabric, but this stuff is very uneven, and on the front of the skirt there is a visible "thin" patch. I thought it was a crease mark but its not. The whole dress had been pre-cut before we got it to finish, so nothing can be done about it.

Bodice detail - not a bad result considering how the pleating looked to start with. I can see where the pleats bubbled and popped a bit, but no-one else will notice (or care, for that matter).

Culinary Catastrophes

In preparation for sewing tonight, I thought I would make a coconut slice to take for supper. All went well, it finished cooking and I took it out of the oven to cool. I couldn't find the trivet or a cooling rack, so I put the tin on the stove (off) to cool down. All good so far. I had a piece (from the other tin) for my lunch. Yummy.

Then Frances decided to cook some rice for her lunch, puts the saucepan on the stove and turns it on, and leaves the kitchen thinking she'll come back in 10 minutes or so when the rice is cooked.

She turned on the wrong hotplate.

When she returned to the kitchen, there was a lot of black smoke being generated and her rice was uncooked.

My lovely coconut jam slice was burnt to a crisp. Exhibit A:

Things learnt:

  • The smoke alarm, which has a hissy fit when you burn toast, did not activate. This may have something to do with it being whacked with a wooden spoon when having said hissy fit on Monday. We need a new smoke alarm.
  • Apparently we keep the cooling rack next to the oven.
  • My sense of smell = not so sharp. I was sitting in the next room and smelt nothing. This does not bode well if we ever have a real fire.

Do you think Smoky Barbecue Coconut Jam slice will catch on? No? Oh well.


  • waaaaaaaaaah! All that beautiful coconut slice wasted!

    Not good hat you didn't catch the smell - new smoke alarm IN THE MONRING, yes?

    Beautiful work with the bullions. I've had problems with uneven dupioni before, too - now I won't touch it unless it's been through the washing machine to soften it and expose any major flaws.

    By Blogger Caitlin, at 11:32 PM  

  • Oh so sorry. but now I'm intrigued about cocnut slice. What is it? Recipe please. I'll be sure not to char mine.

    By Blogger Deborah, at 12:18 PM  

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