Monday, May 2


My friend Margaret – you know, the bracelet-napper, rang me this morning to confess. She got all the way home before she looked at her wrist and noticed what she had done. And apparently she is a serial offender, having appropriated bracelets on two other occasions. Only the other times they were more valuable pieces from shops where she was trying things on. She took the bracelets back as soon as she realised what she had done, she didn’t keep them. I will get my bracelet back on Thursday.

Quilters News Network

I have been watching this today – I’m hooked. And it’s free. I just have to work out the time difference to find out what’s on when. I think I minus 13-14 hours and that’s about right. Or use my sister’s complicated, brain ache inducing conversion which is – “Add 8 hours, only it’s yesterday”. I’m glad we have broadband, I don’t think dial up is fast enough to run the video. You probably all have quilting shows coming out your ears, but they are only available on pay TV here. Which I am too cheap to pay for.


  • I'm finding QNN very addictive too - MUST ... GO... FINISH... TAFE... WORK... arrgh!

    By Blogger Caitlin, at 10:26 PM  

  • Hi, have just found your blog via some other quilting blog-have a cold and not thinking too straight. Anyway, I'm studying too - a B Ed even though I have a BA already. I wouldn't have minded doing SOc but there is only so much rom in one degree.

    I'm 54, a very raw beginner quilter and a librarian, I work for TAFE in SA. Hope you don't mind this rambling - as I said I've got a cold. I'll be back Trisha

    By Anonymous Trisha, at 6:16 PM  

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