Thursday, April 21

This will cheer Diane up immensely

I am not a neat person. I don't aspire to be one either. I might make an effort if someone is visiting and do some cursory tidying, vacuum, etc, but I don't go overboard. And the first thing I say to people when they walk in the house is "Ignore the mess". Our house is lived in, it is not a showpiece for the occasional visitor.

I share a house with my sister, and we have 1 son each. So we combined 2 households into one, and even though the house is a reasonable size, we have two (or more) of everything. So it is jam packed everywhere, and we have barely enough room to get cars in the garage. We have 4 bedrooms upstairs, and as Nick has his space downstairs, we have a spare room up here, where we keep our sewing stuff. Here it is:

This is from the doorway, see the 2 overlockers? I can't take credit for everything in here, but those 2 stacks of plastic bins in the far corner contain some of my fabric. There's more downstairs that I can't be arsed carrying up. And there's nowhere to put it anyway.

The other side of the room, with obligatory nosy cat. Don't let the can of furniture polish on the window sill fool you, I only polish furniture when I move house. It's been there since July last year.

And this USED to be my sewing space - not really a room, but squeezed into what used to be a patio on the front of the lounge room. Not roomy, but very handy to my recliner, where I seem to spend most of my time. Please note the overflowing bin in the corner, and the 2 week old newspaper sitting on the table. And the obligatory cat, sleeping on my little ironing board. The walls are all glass - windows up top, patterned underneath. Hot in summer and cold in winter.

I don't iron clothes - I have spent many years buying clothes that need no ironing, so I am free to use the ironing board for other purposes. See the lovely pile of crap on the floor?

This is the same space now. Apparently my sister decided that my desk and all my study area was not a good use of the dining room space, so she helpfully relocated everything to the front patio. I am NOT HAPPY. I have to contort myself in and out of my chair, which barely fits in this space (the patio has a step down from the lounge room).

My sewing machine has been put here, on a table I can't sew on:

I hate that icky amber glass in the old front door (it is non functional since the patio has been built in, and we have another front door behind it. Lazy renovators!)

The other end of the patio, with my Singer treadly serving time as a bird cage stand. And obligatory cat, going bonkers at the cat scratching pole. Luckily, they didn't choose amber glass for the patio windows - it is pale smoky instead.

I love seeing other peoples houses and work space. I am especially intrigued by basements, as they are non existent in Australia. What are they used for? Why do you have them?

Caitlin - I tried to email you but it bounced. Let me know if you want to come to a QQ gathering, I'll see you there. It's a bit of a hike from Toowoomba though. And let me know if you are able to come for the Ricky Tims seminar.


  • You need to learn how to throw away stuff

    By Blogger aspen, at 10:56 AM  

  • No basements? Is all of Aus very flat?

    My house is built on a hillside. The house is one story high on the front, with the main living area -- bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room (front room?) and den (lounge room?) on this floor.

    At the back, the house is two stories high. The bottom portion contains a two-car garage, the laundry room, the large room that is now my studio, and a small room that I use for storage. (The small room is the size of a bedroom but cannot be called a bedroom because there is no closet. US real estate law.)

    My studio, the large room in the downstairs, was used by the previous owners as a "rumpus room." There was a couch and a jukebox in it, a pool table, and some other piece of game equipment that I can't recall.

    I like your patio space and its tile floor. I like the light, but I think I agree it might be a bit too much of too much during the summer.

    By Blogger Carol Logan Newbill, at 11:49 AM  

  • dang! try me at cait2e@iinet.net.au or cait2e@yahoo.com.au

    From Toowoomba down to Brissy is about a 90 minute run - luckily the Sweetie is a former resident of Brisvegas and so HE drives - I would get hopelessly lost!

    Your sewing area looks a LOT like mine - except I'm very lucky in using the last of the divorce money to build a new shed so I have room to sew!

    By Blogger Caitlin, at 11:12 PM  

  • Very funny tour Lynne. Basements are just another big room to pile more stuff, like in your rooms, except that it's usually darker (since most are below grade with tiny or no windows). And when it rains and heaven forbid, the basement leaks, to top it all, you have a big soggy wet mess! At least in my view.

    By Blogger PaMdora, at 7:44 PM  

  • Oh and thanks for your comment on my blog!

    By Blogger PaMdora, at 7:44 PM  

  • Basements are usually for piling stuff in like Pam said. We don't have one, thank God. I share your philosophy on house-cleaning (time is limited and there are A LOT more interesting things to do with it) and a basement would only enable us to stockpile more stuff. The garage is bad enough.

    By Blogger Nikki, at 12:38 PM  

  • OOh, I am cheered up! I do love a good, messy, bursting-with-supplies-and-cats studio!

    By Blogger Diane, at 2:09 AM  

  • My husband jokes that there are good basements and then there are "monster" basements. Good ones are ones that are almost like a den or apt. and are actually functional, "monster" basements are ones where your junk goes to die and are just a little...bit...scary.

    We're renting out a basement right now from my in-law as we save for our home. It's set up like a 1-BR apt. Pretty comfortable although we once had a major flood in it. Yikes.

    By Blogger Elle, at 6:32 AM  

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