Sunday, April 10

Just as I suspected....

Quilting supplies are not cheap in Australia.

Currently, the exchange rate is Aus$1 = US 75 cents.

Fabric in a quilt shop generally sells for $24-26 per metre. (A metre is about 3-4 inches more than a yard) Hand dyed fabric is a least $30 a metre, usually more.

You can buy fabric cheaper than this, at Spotlight or some of the bigger retailers (there aren’t many, and none in QLD) for $10-$12 per metre. Generally the range is limited, and sometimes the quality is not great. But price does not always dictate the quality – I have paid big money for what I now think is inferior fabric (loose weave, low thread count, inaccurate printing) and on the other side I have acquired lots of fabric FOR CHEAP that has a great feel and handles beautifully. So I am not a fabric snob who thinks only “Quilt Shop” fabric is suitable for quilts. There are plenty of those (fabric/quilt snobs) around, let me tell you.

I am doing my best to spread the word about fusing quilts. It is not a widely used technique here, and a lot of people don't (/won't/can't) free motion quilt. They don't know what they are missing!

(BTW, last year at the quilt show, I was helping make Project Linus quilts. I was machine quilting for them, and people were amazed at the actual process of free motion quilting - "no, the machine doesn't "just do it", I am moving the quilt to make the pattern" became the standard answer. I think they appreciated the quilting in the show a little more having seen it being done by an actual person, and that it wasn't the result of owning fancy-schmancy sewing machines)

Guilty pleasures

This morning while I was reading the Sunday paper, I had two doughnuts with pink icing and sprinkles on them. For Breakfast. And they weren’t Weight Watcher’s doughnuts either. Because boys can’t eat PINK doughnuts, it’s not "manly"! (oh, and I let the boy eat doughnuts - the chocolate ones - for breakfast too, don’t tell anyone.)

Now, I have to start my "Bring Melody to Australia" campaign in earnest. First step - name dropping in strategic circles, i.e. the guild meeting next Tuesday.


  • I eat donuts twice a year. I LOVE them... but they aren't exactly "good for me".

    But twice a year, I have to fast after midnight, drive 5 miles to a testing facility and have them draw blood before my first cuppa coffee.

    I figure if I dont' KILL SOMEONE during this time, I deserve a reward. And a maple iced, and glazed donut are that reward.

    (we won't talk the irony of getting cholesterol and blood sugar tests, then eating donuts, will we?)

    By Blogger Debra, at 6:21 AM  

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