Tuesday, April 12

Guild meeting

I am off to my quilt guild meeting tonight – I have to hand in my challenge quilt, otherwise I think I would just stay home. Especially since Dancing with the Stars is on TV tonight. I’ll have to tape that and watch it tomorrow.

I like being a member of the guild for a couple of reasons – access to the library, and entering shows. Quilt books are expensive in Australia (like everything else quilt related), so for the most part borrowing the books is a better option. And a lot of quilt books aren’t much chop anyway, and it is better to borrow those ones than to buy them yourself. And you have to be a member to enter the shows. I don’t really know how it works elsewhere, but here the state guilds host the biggest quilt shows, and there are a few shows put on by the smaller groups as well. I recently joined the NSW guild so I could enter their show this year.

What else about guilds? Well, I have met some nice people there. And I have encountered some not-so-nice people too. But I am starting to feel like the odd girl out – because I want to (and do) try new techniques just for fun. I don’t want to just make bed quilts, or charity quilts. There are a few “artier” type quilters, but there are also an awful lot of conservative quilters. I don’t do many of the classes – they haven’t offered anything that interests me lately. But Ricky Tims is having a seminar here in August, and I am going to that for 2 days (Lectures? I’m wagging!)

In the interest of promoting fusing techniques, I am going to take my little samples that I made a while ago. I never take show and tell. I don’t like getting up in front of everyone. Or talking in a microphone.


  • I hear ya! Everyone at my guild is either doing traditional stuff or chairty quilts, too. Me, I'm into art quilts and wearables. Definitely the odd man (well, woman) out. I was lucky enough to find a different guild that doesn't seem as friendly but at least they do more artsy stuff. Hope you have good luck, too. I'd suggest you start your own, but I know what you mean about speaking in public. I really hate it, too. I keep getting asked to teach, but the thought of getting up in front of all those people...

    By Blogger Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire, at 10:12 PM  

  • I picked up the flyer for the Ricky Timm's seminars when I was in at Pauline's (Country Quilts, here in Toowoomba, I can never remember the real name, it's Pauline's!) the other day and was seriously thinking of going... I haven't joined a quilt group here and I really miss the Canberra Quilters for the company and their library... and I am NOT into country/twee, I'm much more interested in art to wear and surface design and art quilts but I don't know anyone else like that here yet! Maybe I'll have to join the Queensland guild and just make the trip once a month.

    By Blogger Caitlin, at 12:23 PM  

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