Tuesday, March 15


Comments! Comments! I love comments! Makes me think I'm not here just talking to myself, which, as someone told me the other day, is the first sign of madness.

I tried to reply to some, but the mail was undeliverable for some reason. But I really like getting them.

Today I found a blog by Pam Holland - of 1776 Heritage, Heartache and Happiness fame. She's actually in Brisbane at the moment. If you haven't seen her quilt in person (it won at Houston in 2003) it is mind boggling, and photos don't do it justice. I drove to Toowoomba last year to see it, and it was well worth the 2 hour drive.

And if you haven't had a look at Jenny Bowker's blog, have a read of that too. She is living in Cairo at the moment, and is sharing lots of her wonderful experiences ("You want nothing? We have nothing, what colour do you want?".)

Anyway, Pam's entry about Brisbane was interesting for me because of the things she noticed - the Queenslander style houses and Jacaranda trees. Which I take pretty much for granted because I see them all the time. Queenslander houses are unique in Australia, and built to cope with the tropical climate - timber, highset, wide verandahs & 12ft ceilings. I've always loved them. And it must have been a late blooming Jacaranda, as they are normally at their best in November - exam time!

I must start carrying my camera around, I keep seeing things that are great inspiration like the bit of burnt out bushland (after 5 days - and rain - there are logs still smouldering there), and there is great purple plant at Uni that I love. And a poinciana tree that has not been trimmed, so it looks like a gi-normous green umbrella in someone's front yard. And an old horse resting his head on a fence post in the middle of a paddock.

I'm a Bad Mother (or Auntie, as the case may be)

I am not the pickiest of housekeepers, but there are some things that drive me CRAZY.

One of these things is Leaving Dirty Knives On The Kitchen Bench. And not just dirty, but slathered in Nutella or Peanut Butter. It's disgusting. And wasteful.

So, the other day, one of these dirty knives was left out. Granted, it had made it to the drainer on the sink, but still. I started my lecture on wasting Nutella, and that it was so delicious (and expensive) that none should be left on the knife at all. Then, I told Jerome that he should lick the knives clean after he made his sandwiches.

That's right - I told a child to lick knives. Apart from the unsanitary-ness of this activity, there is the danger issue!

In my defence, they were butter knives!

And then I see my boy - who is old enough to know better, cutting up and eating an apple. And then he licked the knife clean. A Steak Knife.

They're like wild animals sometimes.


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