Tuesday, March 29

More technical difficulties with Hello - I know a few others have had this problem to, so if you managed to solve it please let me in on the secret.

Thanks to Lisa who let me know that the word on my postcard quilt is the name Maya. As it was meant to say. Where would I be without the internet? I had horror visions of is it saying something like "you have big ears". Or worse.


We found these bromiliads growing in the garden - as you can see from the surrounding foliage, they are thriving on pure neglect and no water. Or sunlight for that matter. There is actually a pond amongst all that greenery, but we haven't put any water in it, since it would no doubt attract Cane Toads (vile, poisonous and feral) and not native frogs (slimy but cute).

Today while I was - and I use the term oh, so, loosely - studying, I noticed Sparkle peering out the window. Usually they sit on the window sill to watch the birdy show outside, but this was different. There was a Rosella in the tree outside, instead of the usual noisy mynas that visit every afternoon. Every time I tried to take a picture he flew away, so I had to take this one through the screen. Must have been something worth eating there, he came back a few times!


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