Thursday, March 3

Monkey Mood = Happy!

Very little being done on the sewing front. I have managed to finish the back of my jumper, and make a start on one of the fronts. And of course, the leftover pieces are being put to good use:

Please don't look at the mess! This was on Sunday night, and I see no reason to tidy anything on the weekends, because boys will just mess it all up again. Monday is (theoretically anyway) housework day.

That's my son Nicholas - he discovered that Sparkle is fascinated by the wool, so he has been playing this game with her all week. There is now a wool waving stick, and a feather has been added to the end for even more kitty pleasure. And we were watching Law and Order.

The Saga Of The License Renewal

A few weeks ago, my sister got a letter from Qld Transport. A sight to be feared usually, as the contents could well be a picture of you speeding down some road, and the accompanying fine notification. But it was OK, just a reminder that her driver's licence was going to expire on the 28th of Feb, and she needed to renew it.

Well, she forgot about it and it expired last Thursday. Add unlicensed driving and no insurance coverage, and it gets a bit more serious if you are pulled over or have an accident.

To renew an expired licence is a bit more complicated than a simple renewal. You need to provide your ID documents again, to prove you are not some fakester trying to pull a swifty.

So Frances had to find either her passport or birth certificate, and a couple of other documents to prove her identity. Easier said than done, considering she had not seen them since we moved last July, and she still has unpacked boxes downstairs. Lots and lots o boxes.

So, since Tuesday, she has been turning the house upside down trying to find these documents. No luck. Not in her bedside table, not in her dressing table, not in with the mortgage documents , not in her office boxes downstairs. Nowhere to be found.

This morning she rang Qld Transport to see what else could be done - she had found an old passport and birth extract, but a name change was complicating things. She actually spoke to a helpful person, who told her to take it all down to the office and it would be OK. So off we went - I had to go as the "Legal" driver!

Halfway there, Frances commented that she should probably take a rates notice, as it had the current address on it and did I want to turn around and go get it? No, I did not, and kept driving.

When she was finally called to the counter, she gave all the documents and information to the Not Very Nice lady behind the counter (I know they have horrible jobs, but is it really necessary to treat people like they are idiots?). Well, we ran into problems, because Frances didn't have something with the current address on it. DOH!!! But we averted that crisis, because I have a drivers license with the right address on it, and I vouched for her. They are very picky! New license issued, and off we went to a well deserved morning tea (more on that later). As we drove off, Frances said to me, "How much do you want to bet that I find that stuff when we get home?". Unfortunately, I declined to bet.

We had been home less than 1 hour, and she found them, with her superannuation documents.

Morning Tea

We went for morning tea, and decided on muffins. I was torn between the Macadamia and the Strawberry, and dithered for a while, before finally deciding on the Macadamia muffin. I went and sat at our table while Frances waited (and waited and waited) to be served. Not having eaten breakfast this morning, I was looking forward to my lovely macadamia muffin. So when we finally were served and seated, I looked at the muffin, and on top of the spodge of icing was a macadamia and a suspiciously orange chunk o something.

It couldn't be, could it?

I looked at it, my lip trembled, and I showed it to Frances, who knowing my declared aversion to ALL THINGS MANGO, tried to reassure me by saying that it was probably only that one piece on the top. For colour.

It wasn't. It was all through my formerly lovely muffin. Rendering it inedible, at least to me.

So we swapped muffins, and I had to eat the chocolate one instead. And wished that I had chosen the strawberry muffin.

Really, is it too much to ask that mango be listed as the flavour as well as macadamia? Is it? I don't think so!

Retail Therapy and Monkey Moods:

After we recovered from the muffin debacle, we went shopping. I spied these stylish pyjamas:

Comprising my favourite colour combination of hot pink and flaming orange, flannel pants and a matching knit top AND matching socks, how could I go wrong? Add the cute monkeys and they are irresistable!! And they were a bargain for $19.94!

When I got home I noticed that the writing on the pants is all upside down - but it will be the right way up for me when I am wearing them. I wonder if that was intentional or ignorance?

I also spied another pair of flannos in a lovely aqua and purple combination, with an equally irresistable kitty cat motif. I might have to go back for them next week.


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