Monday, March 28

Can you read Chinese?

I have RSI in my right wrist. Normally this would be a quilting related injury, like my shoulders from too much quilting. But it is not. It is from mouse clicking and typing. And boring typing too - I am writing an essay on leadership styles and how they apply to a case study. Some mid semester break this is going to be.

OK - Hello is busted again for some reason. I've stuck them in their own post - can't edit it or I lose the pictures. Anyway.... you know the drill, look at the pictures and then come back here. Ready?

There was a big storm here on Saturday night - lots of big hail, which we luckily missed out on. This is the sky as it was coming over, it was sunny in the front yard and dark out the back. I don't think I've ever seen a storm come over that quickly. It didn't even rain here for very long - 20 minutes tops, so the ground is still dry as anything.

I made this little postcard for someone as a gift. I hope Google hasn't let me down and that this says what I think it says. If you can read Chinese, I 'd appreciate a translation!

My sewing machine is playing up - the bobbin winder isn't winding, which is a real bugger. Looks like I'll have to take it in for a service. Last year I won a voucher for $400 from Bernina at the quilt show, so I can use some of that to get the service done. I don't have a Bernina though, but I think they can still service my Janome. If I had a Bernina, the voucher would have been a great prize - I could have gotten lots of different feet and attachments and stuff. I am having trouble spending the voucher at that shop because they only sell Bernina things and a small range of haberdashery stuff. And it irks me to "pay" $9 for a reel of rayon thread that I know I can get for a cone with twice the amount for $3.50. I guess I'll stock up on needles and variegated threads, and see if they have anything else of interest. Any ideas of what's good to have on hand? They don't sell vliesofix (I found out this is the same as wonder under, it is printed on the back of the box), they sell Heat'n'Bond, which I hate using because it is so temperamental with heat. Last time I was in the shop the woman there tried to convert me to Heat'n'Bond because she loves it.

This is Molly, the cockatiel. The cats love to sit on the cage, which you would think is a recipe for disaster, but they sit on top so they can look out the window at the birds in the trees. BTW, they have failed on every occasion to notice when a bird has flown into that window.


  • You would be smart to stay far away from Heat n Bond. That stuff is horrid. The fusible is waxy and every stitch leaves a hole in your fabric and wax on your needle, and hence in your machine parts. yuck.
    I have had bobbin winding problems on my old Janome 7000 and it turned out to be a rubber ring, about the size of a small lime, that ran the spindle inside the machine. This may be easily replaced/ otherwise it may be the winder motor. I decided to just use pre-wound bobbins in black or white, and have been using them for years now. I never have to stop and wind one and I am way past using my original Janome. I have the newer 6500, which I just love.

    By Blogger Mrs. Mel, at 10:14 PM  

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