Monday, February 14

Spacially Challenged

I went to the QQ gathering last Tuesday, saw friends and renewed my library books.

One of the magazines I borrowed had some pictures and “instructions” for mesh work. Hexagons, tumbling blocks and six pointed stars - all created without fiddly piecing or papers.

It looked interesting (and easy), so I thought I’d have a go. They used a Clover bias maker to make the tapes to weave together. “How hard could it be?” I thought. “Not very” was my answer.


I don’t have a ½ inch tape maker, so I contemplated using my ¼ inch tape maker instead. But why bother making all that tape, I thought, I would try the technique with 1 inch strips, just to see how it went together, and then spend hours making bias tape to make a proper one later.

Now, the magazine I have is a French one, which although it is translated into English, tends to be a little on the sparse side when it comes to instructions. On top of that, the technique seems to be a Japanese one developed by Clover to promote their products.

Japanese translated to French translated to English = Not Very Helpful.

Coincidentally, I also borrowed a Japanese magazine which also had a similar project. This magazine is all in Japanese, but sometimes the instructions are illustrated well enough to follow. It didn't help, although I did enjoy looking at the pictures.

I cut my strips and started. Basically the instructions are “look at the photo and do that”. Sounds easy. Looks easy.

It wasn’t easy.

I started out well, and pinned my vertical strips down to the ironing board. And then attempted to weave in the next set. I gave up after about 2 hours and went to bed. The “instructions” were useless, and the photos weren’t helpful.

Next morning I tried again – because I wasn’t going to let this beat me. I decided to try another pattern, repinned the vertical strips, and started again. It took me a while, and I don’t know if I can duplicate it (in fact, I’m pretty sure I can’t) but here is what I ended up with:

Since I managed to make this one, I thought I would be able to do another one that results in a 6 pointed star. It’s not working for me (after 2 days!), so I am giving it up as a bad joke. I've spent way too much time on this already.

This morning I received all the back issues from a magazine subscription that went astray when I moved last year (they mucked up my change of address and sent my magazines to someone else). Seeing as they would like to use my quilts for a showcase, I thought they could fix up my subscription as well. All the back issues arrived this morning, plus some extras that I haven’t subscribed to. And the current issue arrived in the mail as well. 10 new magazines in 1 day. So I’ve been reading them all day today, and not doing any sewing.

Tomorrow I am going to start finishing the challenge quilt, which is due soon. I am going to add a double piped edge in purple and yellow, and then use the challenge fabric for binding. Oh, and quilt it as well. Might not actually get finished tomorrow, but I will make some progress.

Is it any wonder that all the screens in this house are getting holes in them? Not really.


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