Wednesday, February 2


This is the lamp I bought last week for Nick. It was discovered this morning by the cats, who knocked it over, and attempted to grab the fibre optic bits. Didn't work. They couldn't find anything to grab onto, and kept pawing it in an attempt grab hold of it. We were amused. The lamp is now at a safer height. (We weren't keeping it on the floor, that's where it ended up).

Off to a committee meeting tonight for Queensland Quilters. I am going to have to cut back on volunteering for things - I am going to have a very full Uni schedule this year.

I have just looked at my time table for this semester - I am doing 4 subjects, which is a full time load, and I will have to physically go to uni 5 days a week. I've always had at least 1 day a week free, but not this semester. Not very happy 'bout that.

Here are the subjects I will be doing:
  • Sociological Theory and Practice
  • Introduction to Personality
  • Research Methods (Behavioural Science)
  • Management and Leadership

Riveting, huh?

Management and Leadership will be the worst one - because I know it will involve "Group Work", which seems to be incorporated into these subjects by sadistic lecturers who have nothing better to do than torture me. We will be forced to do a presentation - always dreadful - and submit a written report on said dreadful presentation. I can hardly wait.

I managed to buy a wavy edge cutter today, but haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet. Tomorrow.


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