Saturday, February 26


I have finally succumbed to the knitting bug.

Several years ago, I purchased a burgundy chenille cardigan. I wore it lots. It felt lovely, and was warm, without being too warm.

It's pretty sorry looking these days - it has bald patches where the chenille is wearing away, but I still wore it around the house (and occasionally to uni, where fancy outfits are not expected). It's on it's last legs now, especially after it was accidentally washed in a hot cycle in the washing machine (in the first load I did in the front loader - the hoses were hooked up wrong). Most of the wash was covered in burgundy fluff, and the bald patches were even more pronounced. So I need a new cardigan that I can wear everyday.

There are no chenille type cardies in the shops - I have been looking for ages, well, since the winter clothes appeared at the end of January (the middle of SUMMER!!).

And I have been increasingly drawn to the knitting sections of Spotlight etc. But the total price of a finished garment of the wools that I liked (there were few) and the lack of colour choice (dismal - beige & brown dominate, with a lot of cream for variety) have been stopping me from actually buying anything at all.

But then I happened across a pattern leaflet with the style of cardie I was after (v plain, no collar) and - the best bit - the wool was only $1.50 a ball. And I only needed 10. That's $15 for a cardigan. So I bought up and got started. Here's my progress so far (1 day):

Keeping in mind I haven't knitted for a good while, my hands are a little sore now, and I think I'm getting a blister on my pointing finger. I had to do some reverse knitting - I cast on the first time the way I always have, by knitting the stitches on. This gives a firm edge. Not good for this - I was going to say wool, but it's not, it's poly something - anyway, it has absolutely no stretch in it at all, and as I knitted up the edge seemed tighter and tighter. So I undid it and failing all else, decided to follow the instructions in the book and use the dodgy thumb casting method that they recommended. Seems OK, but it's a bugger to knit the first row. Also - it seems to be getting wider and wider the more I knit, but I suppose it will be OK.

And I have been back to buy more wool - in black and purple - because Frances decided to knit one too, and a scarf.

And while the cats are used to the quilting paraphernalia around the house, they have obviously not seen a ball of wool before. Coco spied it from across the room, gingerly approached with ears laid back and tentatively touched the ball with her paw. And then jumped in the air when it fell of the chair on top of her. Then she got brave and did this:

And then she had a go at the knitted bit.


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