Sunday, February 27

Good Study Habits

I survived my first week back at uni for the year. This being my fourth year of a double degree, I am totally over the novelty of studying. It is funless grind.

But I have to get back into good study habits, so I don't have a crisis when exams sneak up on me (again).

This is my desk:

And this is the other end:

It is hardly conducive to good study practices. Note the prominent fabric and quilting paraphernalia - fabric paints and magazines, and what you can see is only the tip of the iceberg.

I am going to set out a reading schedule, I may even stick to it. I will clean up my desk and surrounds so that I have a calm and restful study area. Which will be difficult given my proximity to the television and kitchen. (There is a doco on Goya on right now - I think I'll watch that while I'm cooking tea).

And if all else fails, I will actually crack open one of my (v v expensive) textbooks:

I have to read about Freud this week.

I am up to the armhole shaping on my cardigan, I am doing lots now because I know I will lose interest in it at some stage.


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