Friday, February 18

Girl's Day Out

We're Twins!!

Every year on my sister's birthday, I remind her of this. We are twins from her birthday in February until my birthday in May every year, when I again become the "oldest" in the family.

Here we are in 1975 - stylishly dressed in clogs, go-go boots, assorted nightwear and a lovely turquoise, aqua and magenta swirly pattern polyester dress. I think that dress is still in my mother's wardrobe. I still have my teddy somewhere too.

And yes, that's a wig, not her real hair!! There must have been only 1 wig, otherwise I would have been wearing one as well.

We had a lovely boy free day yesterday - so we went on our road trip up the coast as planned and visited many, many second hand shops. Frances is looking for vintage sewing patterns, and old baby wear - the polyester kind that people used to think was suitable for babies before they realised how flammable it is. She uses them for design ideas on the babies wear she makes.

Driving back down the coast, I said that I wanted to stop and take pictures. Because we are almost "locals" and have driven through before, we never stop anywhere on the coast. We are not beach people. So we stopped at Coolum and I took this picture:

The colour of the water was much more aqua in person. You can't see the rock pools from the road, so I never knew they were there. I don't think you can walk down there, I couldn't see a path anywhere. Frances waited in the car - with the airconditioner on - while I took a couple of pics. We are not beach people - we like to look at them, from a distance, but we don't like the heat, the sand, or getting damp.

And then onto Mooloolaba Wharf for a quick afternoon tea - it's very touristy there. This is a mechanical thingy that has been left on the wharf for decoration. I have no idea what it is supposed to be.

More op shops on the way south - this is my biggest purchase of the day, a Silky Oak lazy susan which was $10.50 at Lifeline. I love silky oak, and buy bits of furniture and things that are made of it when I see them. I have chairs, bookcases, a knick-knack cabinet and picture frames that I have acquired over the years. When I grow up and have a proper dining room - ie when the computer is not the main activity on the table (my desk), I want a silky oak dining room suite with a carver, and a proper sideboard. I already have 6 chairs, waiting to be reupholstered and refinished. The lazy susan is solid timber and weighs a ton, just needs a good clean and polish.

As you can see, the lazy susan has been inspected by Coco and Sparkle.

And now both boys are home from their adventures - one badly sunburnt and the other with a bluebottle sting on his foot. Cranky and Tired respectively.


  • That picture is priceless and fun! I enjoyed reading about your day and I like the quilt in your previous post, especially the finished shape which compliments the color blocking.

    By Blogger Karoda, at 9:52 PM  

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