Sunday, February 20

Fusing Fun

First of all - is there some secret to posting more than one photo at a time on a blog? I am getting tired of cutting and pasting html, and Hello only seems to manage to send one picture at a time. Am I doing something wrong? Or is that the way it works for everyone?

Onto quilting matters:

I received my copy of Fusing Fun by Laura Wasilowski- this is a great book, and I am really enjoying trying some of the techniques.

Here is one of the projects in the book that I have tried so far - Abstract Shuffle. This was very easy to do and the instructions were great (although I seem to have a lot of fused bits left over). This took me about 3 hours from start to finish. I really like this one.

And here is another technique that I tried for the first time - free form cutting. Laura's birdy looks cute, but mine looks like his legs are on backwards. I still like him though! Another handy thing I learned from the book was about tranferring pencil onto the vliesofix by ironing. Probably everyone else already knew this, but it was new to me. Although I struggled with the spacial realities (reversed, not reversed, reversed), but then I decided the best thing to do was actually follow the instructions in the book, and do as I was told. Worked a treat. I think I should have cut more holes in the grass.

I am going to free cut some flowers next and make something else - I have a pile of unused leaves leftover from my Dragonfly Garden quilt that I can use as well.

This is my friend Bridie's daughter Imogen - she plays the piano a bit.

Imogen is 6 and is now the youngest child in the Griffith Uni's Young Conservatorium piano program. They don't normally audition under 8's, so she is pretty exceptional. This is from the front page of the Courier Mail, and she has been on a few TV shows in the past week as well. The words "prodigy" and "genius" were thrown around - I don't know about that, but she practises at least 2 hours a day, which I think is remarkable for a child her age. Plus she's a really nice kid.

I originally learnt to smock because of Imogen, and I have made her several smocked dresses over the years. I hadn't made any for a while, because little girls don't really wear smocked dresses any more. Then I found out that Imogen was still wearing a dress I made when she for her when she was 2, it still fitted well enough but was getting a little on the short side. Above her knees! So I made her a new dress for her audition last year - pale pink silk dupion, sleevless, with a fully smocked bodice with beads ( and ankle length). Frances also helped me with it (or I helped her with it, depending on who you ask!) Imogen has worn it on every TV appearance, so Frances and I get excited when we see "our" dress on TV. And she wears it to the local nursing home where she does little recitals for them.

I think I'll have to make her a couple more dresses.


  • Lynne, you'll have to forgive me if I offend you...but this story somehow tickled by morbid funny bone.

    By Blogger Karoda, at 3:35 AM  

  • Lynne, I just realized I posted my previous commet to the wrong post...I was tickled by the bird in the driveway story. (I'm slow but sure) (sheepish grin)

    I can't wait to get Laura's book...thanks for the review and posting the projects from the book.

    By Blogger Karoda, at 3:38 AM  

  • Lynne,
    Love the fused pieces! Great results so fast!

    Here's what I learned about posting multiple photos to blogger (from another blogger, btw). I use "Hello" software for putting pics on. You chose the photo, type the caption, and at the end of the caption you type two of the upright dashed lines that are above the backslash on your keyboard key (on mine, iot's the key just below the backspace). So what you type looks like this "||" but without the quotes. Do that right after your caption and then hit the submit/publish button and it will queue your pic with the next one. YOu can keep doing that until you're ready to publish the lot. For some reason, this works MOST of the time, but not every single time. Don't ask me why!

    By Blogger Diane, at 4:28 AM  

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