Wednesday, January 12

Two Sleepy Kitties

2 Sleepy kitties Posted by Hello

Here are my 2 Kitties - Sparkle is the B&W one and Coco is the furry one. They are both about 12 months old, Coco was brought home by my son after he "rescued" her from some bloke who didn't want her. I said "No Cat", and the next day we have a cat. She has a lovely personality- completely different to every other cat I'd had anything to with (mostly street strays, who liked to be fed only). So she stayed.

Sparkle was adopted from the Vet's cat re-homing centre - we had taken Coco to be desexed, and had a look at the other cats while we were there. Sparkle had fallen off a 3rd floor balconey, had been taken to the vet, and the owners never came back for her. She had a broken leg, and now has a permanent limp. She seems to be a little less co-ordinated than your average cat, so it is just as well they are indoor girls. (Cute as they are, I know they are Killing Machines if allowed to roam free outside). An absolute bargain for $100 - desexed and vaccinated already, after I had just spent $250 on everything for Coco.

Australiana wreath Posted by Hello
This is the beginning of a commission quilt that is for a friend of a friend. She dosn't really know anything about quilts - and they always want fancy applique!

Anyway, she is happy to pay me, and it will be an interesting project for me. Joan wants all Australian flora and fauna, and we looked at a few books together so I could get an idea of her preferences, and she has given me free reign. This is the middle of the quilt - about 36 inches square, and will be the center medallion on point, and then I will put 12 inch blocks around it, and she wants a wattle border. It is going to be a huge quilt (225cm L X 240cm W), so I think I will have to quilt it in sections and then put it together. I'm going to quilt the latin names of plants and animals in as well, nothing obvious, but there for Joan to discover.

Coco Posted by Hello
And this is what happens when you leave lovely things on the floor - they become the sole property of Coco, to do with as she wishes!


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