Monday, January 17

Road Trip

I seem to have spent all day driving around today. The plan was to go on my own, but my sister didn't work last night, so she wasn't sleeping today and was able to come with me.

First stop - collect my nephew from a sleepover, and have a look at the beautiful new cat that his friend Zy got on Saturday. Merlin is a ragdoll/persian cross ex stud cat. I've never seen such a big fluff ball in my life. His feet were huge! Poor thing is suffering in the heat though. And the most interesting thing was the physical similarity between him and my cat Coco - identical colouring and pattern. Unfortunately, we don't know any of her history so it is all speculation on our part. But she is very relaxed about being picked up and held, and doesn't fight it at all. Unlike Sparkle, who has a record on being held for 14 seconds (we counted) before twisting out of your arms and collapsing in a heap on the floor.

Coco in her daily battle with the evil bag handles.

Next stop the fabric shop - with only minor confusion about which highway we were actually on we managed to get there in one piece. I managed to find a good backing fabric for Australiana - sort of pebbles, which will disguise any quilting mishaps - and a few other bits and pieces. In total, I bought 18 metres of fabric for $90.

Fabric for the Australiana quilt- the pebbly looking one will be the backing, and I really like the one with little cats on it.

This is one piece of fabric that shades from purple to lime across the width of the fabric. Got this in a yellow to rust and pink to burgundy as well. 2 metres of each. I will use them!

Quick lunch at Hungry Jacks before our next stop - the Tip! There is a great "recycling centre" with the Browns Plains tip, so we always have a look there if it is open. My sister found some Meakin china pieces which cost her $2, and I bought an old Sega Mega Drive for $5. We used to have one of these about 10 years ago, but it doesn't work properly for some reason. I'll give this one a try, because I love Sonic the Hedgehog and I still have all the games. Hope it works!

Then home just before the rain started, which has cooled everything down nicely. Plus I don't have to water the garden today.

And now a fun job - I have to dag the cat. It ain't gonna be pretty.


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