Saturday, January 15

Quilter's Block

Not much sewing being done around here - combination of not enough sleep and it's too hot now.

We took a trip to the tip yesterday - to get rid of an dead microwave and visit the tip shop. We love the tip shop - it is full of all sorts of crap that we didn't know we wanted until we saw it there really cheap. For example - an exercise bike for $3, it only had 26 K's on the milage thingy. It now sits downstairs, unused. I want to buy little metal teapots to convert to potplants for the garden, but they are becoming a bit expensive ($2 for a crappy old teapot? I don't think so.) Yesterday we bought a coffee maker, a bit grubby, but it was only a couple of dollars. Apparently, someone has put milk in the bit where water goes (according to my sister) so she is soaking it to see if it comes good. The rest of it cleaned up OK.

I'd like to finish the Isabella quilt this weekend, I started doing a bit of background quilting on it but I am not in the right frame of mind for it at the moment. Maybe tomorrow.

Sparkle is being really friendly - musn't be any food in her dish.

Am also finishing the newsletter off for my guild - a member who visited New York recently and went to the garment district has sent me some photos of her trip to include in the magazine. I'm really envious, it looks great.


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