Friday, January 14

Pumpkin Bandit

pumpkin Posted by Hello

We have a pumpkin vine that emerged from the compost pile - it's taking over the backyard, which is good because then we don't have to mow the grass. We've been waiting and watching for weeks now to see how many actual pumpkins we will get, because there is a lot of vine and not much in they way of actual pumpkins. There was much excitement at finding this one (even though it was making an escape attempt over the back fence). So today we looked out, and it had moved from hanging on the fence to the ground, and we were all ready to blame careless kids for touching it. A closer inspection revealed that it has been taste tested. The culprit is probably the Ringtail possum I've seen and heard around the place. He likes tomatoes as well. I suppose we can't begrudge him a bit of food - we took out a lot of big trees from the back yard when we bought the house - they were dangerously close to the house and gum trees can drop BIG branches for no apparent reason. Plus some dope planted a Bunya Pine right next to the house - it was huge and getting huger - they are nice trees, but they are not suitable for suburban backyards.

One night I could hear something moving around in the front yard, where we had just done some planting that day - I looked out to see the possum strolling aound and inspecting the roses we had put in the ground. Probably putting it on his list of places to eat.

Melon Posted by Hello
And this is a melon in the backyard - it's a champagne melon, which I've been assured is much nicer than plain watermelon. It'll have a yellow middle. Untouched by said possum so far!


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