Tuesday, January 25


Here's what I've been working on in spare moments, not very big (12 inches high?), so not a big undertaking. Haven't started quilting yet, and probably won't get to it for a couple more days.

Do the background colours remind you of anything? That's right - MANGOES. I can't escape them.

Went to the BookFest (organised by a Lifeline to sell their book donations en masse) this morning after we did the school drop offs in the pouring rain. There was hardly anyone at BookFest, so we were able to browse through everything without having to fight the hordes of people that are there on the weekend. Though pickings were pretty slim, after 4 days. I managed to find several books that I am sure I have read previously (20 years ago), but I will keep them as emergency distractions, especially when Uni starts back in a few weeks. My sister looked for old knitting patterns, but not much luck. Not that she knits anything, she just likes the pictures.

How popular is knitting? I've been reading blogs of people who not only knit, they dye and spin and whatever else is involved. And not just jumpers (sorry, "sweaters"), but socks and hats and mittens and bags and shawls. And the amount of wool (sorry, "yarn") that they have! Although that bit (buying for a stash of lovely things) kind of appeals to me.

Must be a climate thing - there is not much call for knitted items in Queensland. Although there was a bit of a fad for knitting scarves over the last couple of winters, but honestly, you would only be able to wear it for about 3 days in August. I have knitted - but it was years ago. I knitted a cream romper and matching hat for my son when he was a baby - it tooks me ages to knit, and he wore it exactly once. I gave up knitting after that. It hardly seemed worth the effort.


  • LOVE the piece!! The colors are great. And yes, I love mangos.......Can't wait to see it quilted!!


    By Blogger teri springer, at 11:25 AM  

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