Wednesday, January 19

Mosaic Maker

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I found a great new toy while I was reading meggiecat's blog - she has heaps of great links, pictures and inspirations. The one that I played with last night is a great mosaic maker that uses the JPEG files on your computer to convert any picture that you choose into a mosaic. Here is the link to AndreaMosaic - it is a free download, and very easy to use.

I love zooming into the mosaic picture - I found Coco, my friends daughter Imogen in the Christening dress I made for her, dresses that my sister has made, quilt show pictures, a rock with moss on it that I photographed at Caloundra last year, the challenge fabric, and lots of tartan fabric that my sister sold on Ebay. You might have to save the picture and go through your "my pictures" viewer to look closer.

The original picture

I have seen quilts made using the same principles - Lorraine Carthew, who is also a member of my guild, has made several portrait quilts using these techniques and they are fantastic quilts. One was of Don Bradman, another was RM Williams, and I understand that her most recent one was of JFK. The JFK quilt was entered in the Houston show, but she didn't win a prize. I wish I had pictures of these to show, but I don't have any. I'll work on it. Apparently Lorraine is writing a book about this, or it might be on her mosaic applique technique, I'm not sure. LC's quilts are show stoppers, and she doesn't use a computer to design them, which always amazes me. The portraits are composed of 1 inch squares (I think, haven't seen them for a while) that are basted onto paper and then whip stitched together.

I just had a look at Melody Johnson's blog, and she has displayed a mosaic picture of George W's face, composed of the faces of soldiers killed in Iraq. Puts human faces on the statistics.


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