Sunday, January 9

Monarch Challenge

Monarch Posted by Hello

This is what I did with the challenge fabric - a monarch butterfly and purply flowers. I had to cut the fabric into chunks of colour and then used vliesofix for the flowers (there are other fabrics in there as well, but I used the challenge fabric on top to make sure I meet the 20% rule). The flowers are free motion embroidered onto the background.

I constructed the butterfly separately and then attached it. The wings are reverse applique - the orange challenge bits were fused onto interfacing, covered in Solvy, and then I embroidered little circles over it in orange rayon. Then I put the black edge pieces over the top, and stitched the butterfly down to the background. I haven't done the body yet - that's why there's a whit bit in the middle still. I want it to be realistic, so I am thinking of using velveteen for the body, and sort of 3-D, but I haven't worked out how to do it yet.


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