Friday, January 14

Little Hexagons

little hexagons so far Posted by Hello
This is the start of the new hexagon project - not much done so far as I have been distracted by Christmas. I have worked out the pattern on EQ5, the yellow triangly bits on the side will be points of a star, but I haven't made them yet. I particularly like the little lady birds on the yellow prints - using really small pieces of fabrics really changes them and you can focus on little details that you generally miss on bigger pieces of fabric. The yellow star in the middle measures 7 inches point to point.

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Here are the hexagons ready to go - I can do these in front of the TV, and it really is a mindless activity. Only thousands more to go! I have a box of cut fabrics sorted by colour, that I can pick up as I have time to do it.

Coco chasing the handle from the camera Posted by Hello
I did some fabric dying last night - haven't done any since moving house last July, so I had to find all the bits and pieces downstairs in the garage. Found most stuff, but some measuring cups have disappeared. I also had to work out how to use the fancy schmancy front loader that my sister bought (I know how to wash clothes in it, but not how to just rinse or spin something).
All that sorted, I managed to dye some B&W prints that I bought a few weeks ago, and some 1 metre pieces of this other fabric I found. I usually use homespun, but I found a fabric that had a finer feel to it. The label said it was 100% cotton, but I have a suspicion that there is some poly in it as well. Soon find out - it's rinsing time! The Best Bit!


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