Monday, January 24

I Don't Like Mangoes.

I don’t like mangoes. I think I am the only person in Queensland who doesn’t.

Or maybe it just seems that way when I am met with incredulous queries about how could I not love mangoes.

Maybe it’s because I was actually born in NSW (this can be a Big Deal, especially around State of Origin, if you care about football, which I don’t).

The Big Mango, in, appropriately, Bowen (Nth Qld).

More likely, it is because of the mango tree we had in the yard when I was younger. This tree didn’t grow the nice (!) Bowen mangoes. Nope, they were stringy, stinking, revolting things that fermented on the ground and filled the house with the smell of rotting fruit. I am making myself sick just thinking about it. (I learned in Behavioural Science that this is called taste aversion. Your brain links an episode of nausea with a food you have eaten, and you develop an aversion to that food, whether or not it is actually the culprit. Don’t get me started on Lemon Chicken. Or any other meat/fruit combination.)

So today I finally got the newsletter to the printer, and while I was on the other side of town, decided to visit Spotlight at Indooroopilly. I wanted a bit of yellow fabric, which I could dye myself, but I am in too much of a hurry for that at the moment. Found the right yellow, and a bit of pale chartreuse as well. Best of all, they had white cotton poplin for $1.49 a metre. I bought 20 metres, which should keep me going for a while.

On the drive home, it bucketed down. The kind of rain I hate driving in because you can’t see very far in front of you, and there was heaps of water sheeting across the roads as well. And I’m driving along a major road to the city, when I see mangoes rolling down the street, and floating away in the storm water. A few ventured onto the roadway and were promptly squished. It amused me all the way home.


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