Sunday, January 16


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Still hot today - it was only supposed to be around 28, so I didn't bother with the air conditioner this morning. But it just got hotter and hotter, and the cats were like puddles of fur lying on the tiles so I turned it on after lunch - Relief! The shampoo was hot out of the bottle, so it must have been over 35. So I am not going to bed until my room is much cooler - the carpet is hot under my feet, and everything you touch is hot. I'll sit in the air conditioning, thank you very much!

After I cooled down the lounge room, I managed to sew in comfort. Made some bits for the hexagon quilt - four of the points are not joined yet, but I have to take a couple hexagons off so it will all fit together - that's what I get for not looking at the pattern before I finish pieces.

Tomorrow I am going for a drive to a fabric shop that is closing down - it takes about an hour to get there and is well worth the trip because their prices are cheap anyway. But I've heard that they are selling everything at 50% off, so I'll try to buy some meterage for backings.


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