Monday, January 10


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This is one of the quilts that I made to enter the 2004 show in Queensland - it is paper pieced hexagons.

This project started so I would have some hand sewing to take to my sewing groups on Thursday nights. Before long, I was taking bits to uni to do in my free time, and spending all my spare time on this. Addictive!

The design was sketched out on EQ5, and then I assembled individual units before joining them all together. The side of each hexagon is 3/4 inch, and there are 4847 in the quilt top. the top measures 195 cm by 205 cm.

I machine quilted over the individual sections - mostly in complementary colours, because I wanted the hexagons to stand out, not the quilting.

Anyway, I won a first prize for this quilt at the show, so I was really happy.

So happy, I started another hexagon quilt, but with smaller hexagons. I found that this quilt got really big really fast, and I wanted to do more patterns. These ones have an edge of 1/2 inch, and I am not using black prints, so it will be a bit brighter!


  • Amazing! Great work. I can't believe you're working on another with *smaller* pieces and *brighter* colors! Wow! Just found your blog through the Artful Quilters Ring. Delightful work and excellent posts! Deborah

    By Blogger Deborah, at 12:45 AM  

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