Friday, January 21

The Distractions

Well, in all the excitement of Wednesday's news, I forgot that I had arranged to go shopping with my friend Margaret to help her buy fabric for a quilt she wants to make. Yikes! She rang me when I was 40 minutes late, and I was still sitting here in my pyjamas. At Lunch Time. In my defence, I had a good excuse - an appointment that Nicholas had for speech pathology had been rearranged for that afternoon as well, so I had it in my head that it was my only committment for the day. But we arranged to go out after the appointment, so all was not lost. Managed to find the right fabric for Margaret to use, and she bought a pattern and yarn for a little knitted jacket and pixiehood for her grandaughter- it has ostrich yarn around the edge of the jacket and the front of the hood. Gorgeous. And we had a nice afternoon tea at a little cafe as well.

So no sewing on Wednesday, and no sewing yesterday, because I had to finish the newsletter for QQ off - it always takes longer than I think it will, it took ALL DAY, and I still had to fiddle with it this morning. And today my CD burner is on the fritz for some unknown reason, and I have wasted about 10 CD's trying to get the newsletter on to take to the printer. GRRRR. But I have now purchased a little memory stick to get around this problem, so I will sort that out on Monday morning. I'm not volunteering for anything else for a while.

So I have been chomping at the bit to try a few new things, and Melody's gentle reminder is the incentive I needed to get going. I am going to use some of my dyed fabric, which I usually can't bear to use, and some different techniques. Only a small quilt, just to experiment with my ideas. I'll let you know how I go. But first I have to cook dinner for everyone. But after dinner there will be no stopping me.

And the quilt showcase article will be in Australian Patchwork and Quilting, not sure of when, as I have to have the quilts valued before I send them to Sydney to be photographed. Hexaholic is going to be displayed at the conference in Melbourne next month, if anyone is going there. I'm not, have to go to Uni. Thank goodness this is my last year, I'm sick of it.


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