Monday, January 10

Coco and the Yellow Worm of Happiness

Coco and the Yellow Worm of Happiness Posted by Hello
This is the 2nd quilt that I entered in the 2004 show - made at the last minute on a whim, because I found a little piece of fabric with cats like these, which I used as a starting point for the design.

This quilt is raw edge, machine appliqued and quilted in one go - so it was really quick to make. (Well, it was after I had spent hours assembling the cats and flowers separately before sticking them on the background). I also used charcoal batting for the first time - I think it really makes the dark background darker and the colours glow.

I also won a 1st prize with this quilt!

So now I have 2 blue ribbons from a major show, I am considered a Professional!


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